Hi, my name’s Mark and I’m a graphic designer with nearly 25 years experience (Makes me feel old just making that statement!).

Anyway, I thought I’d create this site as, if you’re a designer too, you’re always looking for digital resources to assist you in your daily work. If you’re anything like me you’ll stumble across a great site then either forget to bookmark it or even when you’ve decided you want to return to it have since cleared your browsing history or simply can’t remember the URL!

So, I thought I’d create a permanent ‘all under-one-roof’ resource bringing together all of this information that hopefully will be of help and along way will also offer my opinions, tips and reviews of any of it that I feel has been particularly useful.

Stock Imagery, Fonts, Pre-Press Tools, Templates, Online Picture Editors and Various Downloads are amongst the tools that I’m always seeking and utilising on a daily basis and will feature as many as I can and share them on this site. I’m always open to your ideas and suggestions too so if you have any links to sites that you think will be of interest to readers here then please get in touch.

If you’d like a link to your site to showcase and gain more exposure (and potential clients!) to your work, please take a look at the Get Listed section – it’s totally FREE and manually administered and moderated by me.

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Featured Review:
A Must Read: Logo Design Love by David Airey

When recently I found and followed a gentleman by the name of David Airey on Twitter, I wondered just how has this guy, who like me (and probably like most who are reading this) as a working graphic designer has managed to get in excess of 48,000 followers (while only following 4!)?
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Take a look at…
6 Stunning WordPress Themes to Showcase Your Design Work

Let’s face it, unless you’re a coding wizard, Website Design (in my opinion) is really just a distant cousin to Graphic Design! All that tampering with HTML, MySQL, Javascript, etc can prove to be one massive headache!So instead of reaching for a couple of Nurofen simply call upon the hero that is WordPress!
Whether you’re a Window Cleaner, Dog Groomer, Astronaut(?) or in my own case a humble Graphic Designer, a well constructed and optimised website is a must.
Putting together a WordPress site to showcase your portfolio utilising one of the massive amount of free or premium themes available can save a lot of time and certainly a huge amount of stress!
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