Graphic Designer? Learn How to Kit Yourself Out on a Budget!

An Apple Mac always has been and probably always will be the essential industry-standard piece of kit that any Graphic Designer worth his or her salt will be using to produce the goods.
And while, we’d all love to march down to our local Apple Store armed with plenty of cash on the hip intending to buy and own the latest brand-new, shiny, all-singing and dancing MacBook Pro or iMac, a limited budget can quickly put paid to that idea.

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With this in mind the next best option is to consider a used, refurbished or reconditioned model and there are plenty of specialist suppliers and great deals available to be snapped up, many with long warranties, support and free delivery.
My first ports of call in the past have been the old favourites Amazon and Ebay (however I would obviously always advise checking the Ebay seller’s feedback history before committing to purchase).

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Below are some other suppliers I’ve searched out and listed (if you have any positive experiences of buying used or refurbished Mac equipment and would recommend the dealer is listed here then please get in touch).
The build quality and performance of a second hand Apple computer from Portable Universe is the same as that of a brand new model the only real difference is the price. Every used Apple mac you will find here has been refurbished to the highest standard by qualified technicians to ensure you get a mac that will function perfectly and live up to your expectations.
Refurbished Apple laptop and Apple computer software that has been installed by Apple so when you buy a refurbished Imac, Macbook pro, Mini Mac’s, Airbooks etc.. it will have the original Apple software installed on it. their website states tha ‘All of their Apple products are in stock and ready for delivery’.
Don’t forget that Apple themselves also have a range of refurbished Macs that they regularly sell. All are Apple Certified Refurbished and have free shipping and free returns.
They test and certify all Apple refurbished products and include a one-year warranty. Supply is limited