The 4 things that will take your brand to the next level

Article written & contributed by Matt Press

In today’s digital world, there are millions of businesses battling it out for supremacy. Here are 4 tips to make sure that your business reaches the top of the tree.

1. Align your copy and design to your buyer persona.
So many businesses just create and develop websites and marketing materials in their own image. That is to say, they think about what’s important to them.
Instead, clever brands put themselves in their customers’ shoes. They figure out who their most valuable customers are and then work backwards.
2. Create relevant content.
To that end, creating content that’s interesting is one thing, creating stuff that’s interesting and relevant is quite another.
Pictures of cute cats might garner a lot of Facebook likes, but will they pull in many customers if your business deals in IT? Probably not. Make sure that your content marketing strategy doesn’t leave customers feeling disconnected.

3. Have you designed clear messages and CTA buttons?
In terms of your landing pages and advertising bumf, don’t be afraid to be very direct with people. If you want them to download an ebook, buy an item or subscribe to a blog, be clear (both in terms of copy and design).
Don’t assume that people will understand inferences. Don’t leave anything to chance.
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4. Plan ahead.
Creating a website with a great user experience and regular content that consistently engages is very labour-intensive.

Only dedication, hard work and a lot of planning will help. And for planning, also read testing. See point number one: a certain phrase or a particular design might seem nice to you, but perhaps it’s horrible for everyone else.

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6 Stunning WordPress Themes to Showcase Your Design Work

Let’s face it, unless you’re a coding wizard, Website Design (in my opinion) is really just a distant cousin to Graphic Design,! All that tampering with HTML, MySQL, Javascript, etc can prove to be one massive headache!So instead of reaching for a couple of Nurofen simply call upon the hero that is WordPress!wordpress-logo
Whether you’re a Window Cleaner, Dog Groomer, Astronaut(?) or in my own case a humble Graphic Designer, a well constructed and optimised website is a must.
Putting together a WordPress site to showcase your portfolio utilising one of the massive amount of free or premium themes available can save a lot of time and certainly a huge amount of stress!

Below I’ve listed just a few. If you have any experiences of using any other Graphic Design/Illustration based themes that you’d like to share or indeed are running your current website using a WP theme that you’d like me to show then please get in touch.

1. ADORABLE – Clean and Responsive WordPress Theme
Adorable WP Theme

Adorable is a RESPONSIVE ONE PAGE SLIDE WordPress Theme that is great for all types of creative businesses. The design is very clean and contains all features of a modern web page.

Briefcase – Bold & Minimal Portfolio 4 Creatives
Briefcase WP Theme

Briefcase is a full responsive layout portfolio for designers. Briefcase is perfect for those designers who want to show their work and skills in the same place. This template also includes a contact form and a blog to provide a great communication tool to show your professional profile to the world.

Charm – Portfolio for Freelancers & Agencies
Charm WP Theme
Charm is a modernistic portfolio-style theme with an emphasis on typography and attention to detail. Show off your latest photos and videos in all their glory with the responsive portfolio grid. Write blog posts with the beautiful, minimal blog.

Higgs — A Minimal WordPress Portfolio & Blog Theme
HIggs WP Theme

Higgs is a minimal WordPress blog theme with in-built gallery slider, testimonials, and portfolio support. It has been designed with flexibility in mind, using our “widgetized page” technique, which means that you can create pages with widget-powered layouts, thanks to the built-in custom section widgets that are provided. This way, you can add, remove or simply re-arrange the sections(widgets) that are presented at your homepage, or any other widgetized page.

ROCKFOLIO – Portfolio & Agency Theme
Rockfolio WP Theme

ROCKFOLIO is a portfolio WordPress theme, focused on minimalism, elegance and simplicity. It’s created with masonry portfolio grid. Packed with a lot of useful features, options and shortcodes.

Paul – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
Paul WP Theme

The theme is perfect for any creative project. Create any page using the builder. Choose from more than 15 layout options.

Get Started with WordPress & Download here.