Featured Design Agency – Huzzah! Studios

lyleHuzzah! Studios is a small family run multimedia agency situated in a little place called Bandon, nestled deeply in Southern Ireland. The founder and lead developer/designer of Huzzah! Studios is myself, Lyle Kirby, and the Social & Digital media marketing, as well as Project management, is wonderfully handled by the very talented Kasia Kirby.kasiaWe have been going for about 3 years and have made many great relationships with a lot of our clients, who just keep coming back for more, and we are delighted to give them our best, time and time again. We pride ourselves on our diversity and are confident that there is no request that we could not resolve. We have the skills necessary to do it all, from Print design, to animation and editing, to 100% custom built web applications.
Although we predominantly work on our own clients and nurture those relationships, we are also partnered with another small design agency, in South Africa, called BMS Media, who allow us to further expands our skill set and abilities on offer. We regularly embark on intricate and exciting collaboration projects with them. Whether in collaboration with BMS Media or not, we have been so fortunate to work on so many amazing projects with a number of very well established brands, such as Elizabeth Arden, Dentsu Aegis and The Ford Foundation, just to name drop a few! We are proud to be part of an industry that is not constricted by borders or location and, because of this, it has opened up the doors wide to engage with so many different people from all over the world, and we really cannot wait to see where it takes us next!
To find out more about Huzzah! Studios visit:

File Transfers – From Pedal Power to a Tap of the Keyboard

Years ago, when I first started as a very young and green junior graphic designer, and when Bruce Forsyth was just a twinkle in his Mother’s eye (well, OK maybe not that long ago perhaps!) the norm after your creative work was proofed, approved and ‘pasted-up’ was to call a courier service to collect your physical ‘print-ready’ artwork and have it ‘biked’ around to your local printer where it would then be placed in the very capable hands of their repro unit while you then waited patiently for several days or even weeks for the printed end product to be delivered back to your doorstep (you may even have had a ‘wet proof’ somewhere inbetween this process but again this would have involved a further journey involving a frenzied cyclist or an impatient white van driver waiting for a sign-off!)
Large File Transfer Pic
Thankfully these days we’ve moved with the times and the modern solution to all of the above is to either use email, FTP or to use one of the many online and mostly free large file transfer sites available (there are premium versions and upgrades of a lot of these but in my experience unless you’re averse to your recipients viewing a few ads the free versions do the job just fine). To save you a bit of Googling, I’ve listed a few here; as with all of my posts please feel free to offer any other suggested sites and solutions and I’ll happily include them.

MailBigFile | Send and Share Big Files
The best way to send and share big files. Send large files with MailBigFile. Upload up to 4GB per file. Transfer your files for Free!

WeTransfer is a free service to send big or small files from A to B. Sending files has never been easier. Send up to 2GB just by hitting the transfer button and you’re done. It’s simple, secure and free of charge.

File transfer and email service. Hightail also offer secure and large file transfer, online file sharing, storage and much more. Send large files securely up to 10GB from your computer or mobile device and control exactly who sees your work.

Send Large Files Fast. Don’t be limited by email. With Box you can share even the largest files with a simple link. Send a Link Within Box and you can create a secure link to any file that can be shared with anyone via email. You can even make edits and upload a new version of the file – all without changing the original link. Use Box and you can upload files up to 250 MB in size and then easily share them with family, friends and teams. Or, upgrade your account to share files as large as 5 GB.

Add from your computer or from Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive… Zip and send large files up to 50Mb

Upload files as big as 30 GB or select directly from your file manager.
Webcargo is the best way to send company files without worrying about web propagation. It’s a delivery-based system that saves your employees valuable file management time. Each recipient receives a unique time-sensitive delivery page, so that no files are forgotten on the Internet. Deliveries are unlimited and each one can be sent to a maximum of 25 recipients.